It's all about the Cloud these days. Do you need the Cloud? Yes. Do you need the software running in the Cloud? No. The great advantage of using the Cloud is that you can run the program from any place and just pay a small amount to rent the program. You will never own the license to run the program, just be able to run it, if you pay the rent. Also no need to backup or upgrade because it's done automatically, while you pay the rent. Can you still have the advantages without been tied to pay a monthy fee? Yes. We provide a software without monthly fee at a low cost. As an alternative just pay $499.00 and you are the owner of one license, no monthly fees. Other option is to pay only $199.00 and pay us a monthy fee of $20.00. Most of our clients prefer to pay just once. Our upgrades are free and easy to install.

Cloud Backup

Backup to the cloud for free with idrive. With this service get up to 5gb for free. Five years of data in WinDryClean usually is smaller than 300mb so 5gb would be good for more than 10 years. Also there is an option to backup in a local flash drive. If need smaller backup, WinDryClean allow to delete old data.

Remote Access

Remote access without Cloud. Our preferred option is AnyDesk. This program will give access to your computer from any place in the world. It work only with Windows computer, but at this time there are Windows tablet that can be carried anywhere. It's free for personal use or less than $70.00 per year. If want to pay less, use REALVNC that cost less than $45.00 for the permanent license. This program require more time configuring the software, but can run in Windows, Mac (including desktop, laptop, iphone and iPad), Linux and Raspberry.

SMS Notifications

SMS with Cloud Sotfware. We don't need to be in the cloud to provide this service. Cloud based software usually provided this service subject to an additional charge, or the monthy charge already have it bundel in their higher price. WinDryClean provide this service without any additional cost. All you need is a gmail account and configure this account to allow our software to use this service. We can help on the configuration.

Copy Right notice.

We are not the owner or have any economic interest in idrive, anydesk, gmail or RealVNC. We understand that these solutions are very usefull.